Amazing Recent UFO Sightings in New Mexico

•February 15, 2008 • 1 Comment

I just got an email from Chris about some Recent UFO Sightings in New Mexico. I found this email some what exciting since they actually tried to signal the UFO and get it’s attention.

Hey, I wanted to let you know about the UFO encounter my friends and I encountered in New Mexico. My friends out myself head out to the desert to do some survival preparation. I’m a big traveler and wanted to try to practice my survival skills. After a long day, we were heading back to my car right before it was about to get dark(around dusk).

As we’re about to get into the car, I noticed this flashing white light in the sky. I thought at first that it was a twinkling star, but it was much larger than a star. To get the best visual of it, I would say it was somewhere between the size of the moon and a star. It just kept flashing in a pattern. It would do three On-Off, light flashes, it would go off for 5 seconds, than do it all over again.

For kicks, one of my friends, grabbed the flashlight out of my glove compartment and started flashing it to the light in the sky. Doing the exact same pattern as I stated previously. After the pattern was repeated a few times, the light in the sky just rapidly shot across the sky and was on the other side of the sky, still doing the flashing.

At this point we thought we actually saw an alien aircraft, and that we may have contacted it. I had some old fireworks in my trunk, so I grabbed them. We lit them on fire. This time the light shot across the sky and passed by the horizon and out of sight. This was one of the most adrenaline pumped moments of my life and I’m convinced that was an alien ship.

Thanks Chris. That was definitely an amazing thing you tried. I’m not sure if I’d have the guts to do that with all the recent UFO sightings lately. Thanks for letting me know.


Some Recent UFO Sightings in Canada

•February 12, 2008 • 1 Comment

I just got a few emails from our friends up North about recent UFO Sightings. I’m going to share one of the emails here that came from just outside of Calgary, Alberta in a town named Banff.

I was on a skiing trip with my family and we just finished along day of skiing and everyone was in bed. I was suffering from another spell of insomnia and was up with a cup of hot chocolate. We were staying at a secluded cottage, just outside of town.

I saw some lights shinning into the window, and I was thinking to myself, “who would be coming up the driveway at this time of the night. I looked out the window only to see this huge ball of white light. The glare was so bright that I had to look away from the window. All of sudden the light disappeared.

I looked outside to see absolutely nothing. I opened the front door and ran outside. Not a car around. I peaked up at the stars and saw this ball of light blaze off into the stars. I have to say it was the weirdest moment of my life.

John K.

Thanks John. We appreciate your email and that definitely sounds like UFO activity. I’ve never heard of recent UFO sightings like that John, so I thank you for your email. If you want more information click here.

Recent UFO Sightings in California

•February 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

I just got a few emails about some recent UFO sightings in the state of California. I’m going to share one of them here from a Mr. Walker who was watching the skies in Northern California with his telescope.

I’d like to report a UFO sighting to you sir. I was out with my telescope on a nice clear night here in Northern California. I usually watch the skies every weekend. It’s my passion. I noticed a shooting star, except this one didn’t seem to be short lived, it just keep going across the sky. So I took a look at it through my telescope and noticed it looked a lot like a disk.

Most shooting stars(meteors) will burn in a matter of seconds, but this one kept going across the sky, almost in a square pattern. It almost seemed like a technique for surveillance. It was getting the perimeter around a space and appeared to be investigating something inside of it.

All of a sudden off about 10 miles away, I hear *poof* and I see this thing shoot up in the air towards this flying disk. As the got close, they just flew off together. And they didn’t come back. I’m not sure what came off the ground. It could of been a missile shot at the flying disc, or it could of been another UFO meeting up. It has been the most mind boggling thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t even tell my friends this because they’ll think I’m crazy.


You’re definitely not crazy Mr. Walker. This is just another case of the recent UFO sightings that no one wants to acknowledge. I thank you for sharing your story. Click here for more information on UFOs.

Recent UFO Sightings in New York City!

•February 8, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I was talking to a good friend in the Big Apple about Recent UFO Sightings in the city. I had to ask him to send me an email of the incident, so I could put it up on this site. Enjoy.

It was just last week on a Tuesday that I was up on the roof of my apartment complex having a smoke. I have to do that because the building is smoke free and it was freezing outside. I was about to head back inside when I saw floating light in the sky. I thought at first that it was just a plan, but it just had one light. Most planes have lights on each end of the wing and they’re red. This was just one clear light.

I was watching it go through the sky for a few minutes and than it started get erratic in movement. Instead of just going in a straight line as it went across the sky it was jumping, moving up in down in sharp motions. Nothing that a plane is possible of. I was watching with amazement as it was doing these unbelievable movements in the nights sky.

I ran downstairs to my apartment to grab my digital camera to take a picture. When I got back to the roof it was gone. Before I saw this, I was always skeptical of UFOs and the people that report them. But I was proven wrong and I can’t even prove it to other people.

Derek J.

Thanks Derek, we believe you. It seems to be a pattern with recent UFO sightings with them showing up right in populated cities where millions are capable of seeing them. Click here for more information.

Recent UFO Sightings in Sweden

•February 7, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I just got emailed about some recent UFO sightings all the way over in Sweden. You have to read this email:

I was out with a group of people at New Years on the balcony of my apartment, which is at the top. My balcony wasn’t facing the fireworks of that night, so I was surprised to see 15 flying orangish yellow spheres flying in a tight group. I could see them in the air for about 15 minutes, so it definitely wasn’t fireworks and definitely was a flying object.

There was a few of the orbs that acted differently. Two of them went really slow, but were always in formation. One of them actually froze in the sky and hovered there for about 15 seconds. Than proceeded to go straight up vertically and out of sight. This was witnessed by my group of friends that were on the balcony with me at this time.

Joe B.

Thanks for writing in Joe. The recent UFO sightings that have been happening in the last few months still go unreported by the media. Check out Exempt From Disclosure it has to be about the best resource of UFO sightings and what’s really going on.