Looking for Amateur UFO Photos

I really need to get some Amateur UFO photos for this site. I’m really sick of all the same pictures that you find on the internet. It seems like there isn’t much in the way of new pictures being taken and I want to see them. I want people out there taking pictures of anything odd that they see in the sky. I think we really need to get things real. The stories are great and I like sharing them with you, but I really want to start seeing UFO photos from my readers because I know that you guys are out there.

If you need to know about a camera that would work great for this, I would probably go with the Pentax Optio Waterproof Digital Camera. This camera is probably the best for taking photographs of UFOs and other unexplained things that you see at night. The reason is that it is rugged and designed to take more of a rough lifestyle. I’m not saying you can beat it up, but it is waterproof, shock proof (drop protected) and even works in sub-freezing temperatures. It is an overall good camera. I know Pentax isn’t the most common name for digital cameras, but they actually do a good job.

Look guys, I just want you to get out there and try to get some photos. The stories are great and I like sharing them. I haven’t updated in a while, so I know I have a lot to go through and put up on the site. But pictures are great too and often they’re more convincing to the skeptics that troll this site. Oh you might want to take a look at the Pentax Optio Waterproof Digital Camera Review because it goes into all details about the camera and all the important features about what makes it good.


~ by Chris on April 16, 2010.

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