Latest UFO Sighting in the North East

I have a new UFO report that I just got emailed to me and I had to definitely pass it onto you. This is actually a very long and detailed one, so I’m going to try my best to put in my own words. It was a little difficult to read the encounter from the gentleman that emailed me. This is the first request where someone didn’t want to mention exactly where they seen the flying UFO, but he did say that it was in the North East of the United States. Also, this viewer wanted to remain anonymous, which is totally understandable with the quality of this sighting.

I’m just going to refer to this person as John (as in John Doe).

John was out on an evening date with his wife. They had dinner at a nice restaurant, but decided instead of going home that they should just go for a drive. It didn’t really matter where they were going, so they ended up leaving the city and heading out into the more rural areas. They eventually decided that they were going to look for a lake or river that they could sit out in front of just to be alone.

It was around midnight and they were getting ready to go home when they noticed what they thought was a bright star in the sky. The only difference was that this one was a lot brighter than the rest of the stars in the sky. While staring at this thing in the sky they started to hear a faint rumbling sound. John thought it was just a plan flying over them, but he noticed that this bright light in the sky was actually moving. The movement wasn’t very fast, but enough for a person to see.

At this point the idea of a UFO conspiracy popped into his head, but he shrugged off the idea thinking that it was just a slow moving plan or something along those lines. Struck with curiosity both of them continued to watch this bright light slowly move down toward the horizon or at least that is what they thought. Once it got lower it was apparent that it wasn’t traveling toward the horizon, but moving down in a vertical direction.

John was a little more shocked by this because helicopters and military airplanes are really the only things that are capable of making vertical movements in the sky. It looked like this bright object was coming down toward the ground only a few miles away, so John and his wife got back into their car and decided that they were going to figure out what this was.

They approached the glowing light that was getting closer and closer to Earth very slowly. It was pretty dark outside and the back roads were very winding. Eventually they approached a straight stretch of the road and noticed the bright light in a field. It definitely wasn’t a tractor or anything like that because of how bright the actual lights were. John at this point was thinking that maybe these were UFO lights that he was seeing, so he pulled over to the side of the road about half a mile away from bright light in the field.

At this point the lights on the car were shut off to not draw any attention. The very second that the headlights on the car went off, so did the light in the field. It went completely pitch black and they couldn’t see a thing in the field. John turned back on the lights at this point to see if they could get a better look. As he turned on the lights, the lights in the field turned back on. Understandably they were both shocked to see this happened. The idea that he was in the presence of the latest UFO sighting melted away. John was thinking that some teenagers were trying to screw with him now.

Again he turned off the car lights and the light in the field turned off too. John grabbed a flashlight in the back seat and got out of the car. He turned on the flashlight, but the field remained dark. He went into the field looking for whatever was out in the field about half a mile away. He spent a good hour looking around the field for anything that was out there and he didn’t see anything. There was just an empty feeling. There wasn’t even large tracks on the ground or anything.

Disappointed John returned back to the car and thought that this was all a bit odd. He thought that maybe whoever was doing this had left when they had the lights off and that was it. At this point it was approaching about 1:30am and they were both very tired. As he turned on the car and headlights, the light from the field came back on too. At this point John was starting to get frustrated with what was going on. He had to know whether this was some hoax people were playing on him or if this was some sort of UFO conspiracy.

This time John got out of the car and headed into the field while leaving the car lights on. The light in the field continued to glow. As he was approaching it, it just seemed like the light was getting brighter and brighter. It glowed out in a spherical fashion, so he couldn’t see what was emitting the source of the light. He got to about a hundred yards away from whatever this thing was and the lights changed. Instead of radiating light out in all directions, the lighting focused on him. It was almost like being on a dark stage with the spotlight on your body.

John was a little freaked up by this rapid change in lighting and he slowly started to walk back. He got a few steps backwards than he turned and started running toward his car. His wife was on the side of the road watching the whole time. The light actually followed him as he was running. The light didn’t return back to normal until he got back to the road. Both of them at this point were not interested in finding out what this was. They were both understandably freaked out and in their eyes this was some sort of UFO sighting.

They both hopped in the car, did an immediate U-turn and started driving away. John was constantly looking in the rear view mirror at the light in the field to make sure that it stayed there. As they reached the end of the straight stretch of the road, the light in the field went black. Both of them were pretty happy just to be going the other direction and thought they left whatever that was, in the field. They were wrong.

Just a few minutes later as they were driving around the road they started to hear the rumbling sound in the sky that they heard when they first saw the light in the sky. Eventually the rumbling dissipated and they were left with the thumping sounds in their chest. Within a few more minutes the rumbling sound returned again, except this time it was louder than before. John just drove faster at this point and the rumbling eventually disappeared. John’s wife looked over at him and said, ‘what the hell was that?’ Just as John was about to say ‘I do not know…’ the rumbling sound returned except this time it was excessively loud. He had to slow down the car just due to how loud it was. It sounded like a plane was flying directly over the car.

Instantly light was shot over the car. This was very bright light that permeated all through out the car. The light was shining down from the sky, not from behind them. John just pulled the car over to the side of the road because he was scared stiff. Things were running through his head of alien UFO conspiracies and probings. He was freaked out. The light still shined brightly on the car from above, but the light started to come down until it was shining from directly behind the car.

Both John and his wife just sat silent in the car for the next minute or two. At this point they were just in shock and were waiting to see what happened. Than all of a sudden the windows got foggy. All the windows just started to fog up really bad. This occurred in early September, so this was considerably an odd thing to happen around this time of the year.

Shadows started to shudder through the vehicle as things moved in front of the light outside. Things were very quite, even though everything was bright. Occasionally they would hear the sound of a pebble scrap across the road, but nothing else. Every now and then there would be something that would move past the light.

Finally, the light shut off the windows immediately stated to clear up. John looked around outside and didn’t see anything. He even got outside to check, but there was nothing there. Everything on the outside of his car seemed fine, so he didn’t know what happened.

This is a UFO report of a recent UFO sighting and it was narrated by me. The reason that I narrated it is that I got a very poorly written message about this encounter. I thought it would be best for me to put it in my words since I’d be in a better situation to explain it to all my readers. Please understand that I got a huge email, which is much longer than this, but I think I hit all the main points.

This is actually quite scary. I’ve never heard of anything quite this scary. Even though John or his wife weren’t able to get a view of what exactly this thing was, I think it is safe to say that this is some sort of UFO for sure. Whether they had the miracle of alien life forms literally a few feet outside their car doors or not, it shows a pretty amazing report.


~ by Chris on September 22, 2009.

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