Recent UFO Sighting in Mexico

Just heard of a new recent UFO sighting in Mexico that was posted as a comment here. I just wanted to share the experience that Jim had with what appears to be another UFO encounter.

my fiance and myself were in Ixtapa mexico on vacation the week of feb 16- 23 on feb 20 at around 12:30 am we decided to go out and sit on the beach. while we were siting there looking at the stars I saw a what i thought was a airplane with a bright blinking light, but it wasn’t moving as i looked further to the left there was a smaller object that was moving at a high rate of speed towards the blinking light and then stopped. and then rose slowly. at this time I think we were in a state of shock at what we were seeing. then suddenly there were seven more objects in a half moon shape moving towards the other two. thew stopped and hovered below the largest object with the blinking light. then two started moving erratically up and down. then in a instant they all took of horizonally a rate of speed and then up out of sight.

Thanks for the comment Jim. I have shared this recent UFO sighting with the world. If anyone has any story or information on UFO Encounters, please leave comment on this site and I’ll put it up.


~ by Chris on March 1, 2008.

One Response to “Recent UFO Sighting in Mexico”

  1. Hi I would like to know “how long do the governments of the world intend on believing that we are stupid?” because i am sure that there is “plausible deniability” to that theory, where we can be cured by shrinks. For gods sake just come out and tell the truth….what is the worst that could happen? we all sit here and say “Finally! the truth”. obviously it all boils down to world finance and how mcu large conglomerates would stand to lose if we were told the truth. Like the Catholic Church with its gold foundations. I’m sure that would throw that whole god theory out the door. we cant see him either nor is there any proof that he exists yet millions of idiots believe it to be so and they are sane????? puleeease! we are in the 21st century. It is time for the truth. So let us have it. we alrady know that beaurocary cant survive on plausible deniability for took much longer. we have advanced so far in technology in the last 20 years. Has anyone thought why now? where did it come from? well we have been here for more than 2000 years and now we have technology. when someone can explain these issues to me and not make me and others on this globe sound like we are uneducated sheep, following governments and doing as we are told, perhaps we may have mroe respect for those who lead us.

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