Recent UFO Sightings in Texas

I’ve been getting a lot of emails about recent UFO sightings outside Austin, Texas this weekend. They all sounded like usual stories I’ve heard, but one of them that I’m going to share was really quite exciting. This email comes from Carl.

I live outside of Austin at my ranch. I just had a long and trying day of work. It was just around dusk and I was outside finishing off a little light ground work while smoking a cigar.

I ended up looking out into the field full of cows to see them running around scared. At this point I was thinking that there might of been an animal or some poachers trying to steal the cows. I ran inside, grabbed my rifle and ran out into the field to see what it was.

The further out I got, I noticed there was something large in the field. At the time I thought it was some sort of poacher contraption for gathering up cows to steal. I pointed my gun and let a round off. All of a sudden blinding light appeared from the object. It was blazing the light out in all directions. I ended up stumbling back and falling down.

At this point, this object in my field started to slowly rise up above the ground. About a few yards. Finally it just shot up vertically very fast and out of site. At this point I laid on the ground for a few more minutes to process what I saw. I got up, and started walking back to my house. I kept rationalizing that I must of worked too hard today and just had a delusional spell. There was no possible way I saw a UFO.

The next morning, I went back out to the same spot in the field to find a see a crop circle on the ground. It was perfect shape and all the grass was flattened perfectly. I’ve been pretty freaked out about this and I’m not sure what to think. Being a Texan, I’m not supposed to believe in this stuff, but I really don’t know. I have yet tell anyone, since I know they’ll think I’m crazy.

Thanks for the email Carl. That was one of the most recent UFO sightings that I found very exciting. You maybe the first human being to ever see a UFO create a crop circle.


~ by Chris on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Recent UFO Sightings in Texas”

  1. so i read this hole thing .
    and most people never really belive in ufo .
    but i do have to say i do belive in what carl was saying
    i have seen them when i was a kid which is a crop circle it really didnt scare me because i was so young but now i wished that it would happen now since im all grown up .
    but hopefully this will get out to everyone and no one will think it a joke on what carl saying and take it like they really saw a ufo .

  2. I can relate to your story, and I always beleive crop circles are flags of other existence, just as we have our own..One day in Jamaica, as a security officer, employed to a large complex, i do a lot of night duty’s, one night in 2003, i observed a bright light sitting in the clear night sky, when i first noticed this light, i thought it was a satellite,but it was too low, then i thought, plane, but its not moving,then i figured helicopter, but not even with our [humans] greatest technology, can we create something that can sit still in the sky for a long period.. Well after out ruling all logical explanation, I decided that whatever this light is, it was coming strait down to the ground, which would explain why it kept getting brighter as time went by..At this point i became very concern and frighten because whatever this light is, its going to effect my immediate area when it hits the ground, i then raised an alarm to alert people of the potential danger, when this light, became the brightest light i have ever seen and it appeared to be pulsating, it then began moving across, then upward, at such a tremendous speed it left a trail of light behind it to outlined its pattern, and within minutes it appeared equal to the stars and now as a red light it continued upward until it was out of sight..The entire incident lasted for over 45 minutes..That day taught me to pay attention to the sky, and confirmed what i always believed, but for the few people i alerted,who wittness this objects amazing departure,for them it was a life changing experiance, because they are christian who believed until then that GODS creations existed only on earth……………

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