Recent UFO Sightings Outside Mexico City

I just got word of recent UFO sightings in Mexico. They were all pretty standard, but I’d like to share one here that was a little more unique from the other UFO encounters I read. This email is from Pedro from Mexico City.

Note: The email was slightly edited to correct grammar/spelling/diction since English is a second language.

It was a bright night with all the stars out in the sky. I was taking my girlfriend on a romantic date outside the city. She’s really into space stuff, so I decided to borrow a telescope from a friend, so we could star gaze.

At the time she was looking in the telescope to find something of interest for me to see, since this stuff bores me. I noticed what I thought was a shooting star. I yelled at her, and told her to look. She peaked up and saw it and immediately tried to view it through the telescope. She ended up seeing it and it stopped. I was still looking up at the sky, and it just looked like it burned up.

She called me over to take a look through the scope and I saw it. Just floating in the sky not moving. It sort of looked like a coin. It had grooves on the outside of it, just like a coin. I moved my eyes from the telescope back to the sky, and then I saw the object shoot back across the sky in the direction it just came. This time we couldn’t find it again.

Thanks Pedro, great detailed encounter. I think the interesting part of the the recent UFO sightings is this grovers on the outside like on a coin. Maybe it has to do with how these UFO’s Fly?


~ by Chris on February 20, 2008.

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