Some Recent UFO Sightings in Canada

I just got a few emails from our friends up North about recent UFO Sightings. I’m going to share one of the emails here that came from just outside of Calgary, Alberta in a town named Banff.

I was on a skiing trip with my family and we just finished along day of skiing and everyone was in bed. I was suffering from another spell of insomnia and was up with a cup of hot chocolate. We were staying at a secluded cottage, just outside of town.

I saw some lights shinning into the window, and I was thinking to myself, “who would be coming up the driveway at this time of the night. I looked out the window only to see this huge ball of white light. The glare was so bright that I had to look away from the window. All of sudden the light disappeared.

I looked outside to see absolutely nothing. I opened the front door and ran outside. Not a car around. I peaked up at the stars and saw this ball of light blaze off into the stars. I have to say it was the weirdest moment of my life.

John K.

Thanks John. We appreciate your email and that definitely sounds like UFO activity. I’ve never heard of recent UFO sightings like that John, so I thank you for your email. If you want more information click here.


~ by Chris on February 12, 2008.

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  1. […] Calgary, Alberta Canada. You’ll notice that I reported on another sighting that happened in Banff, which is a town just outside of Calgary. I found this one to be particularly odd since it happened […]

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