Looking for Amateur UFO Photos

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I really need to get some Amateur UFO photos for this site. I’m really sick of all the same pictures that you find on the internet. It seems like there isn’t much in the way of new pictures being taken and I want to see them. I want people out there taking pictures of anything odd that they see in the sky. I think we really need to get things real. The stories are great and I like sharing them with you, but I really want to start seeing UFO photos from my readers because I know that you guys are out there.

If you need to know about a camera that would work great for this, I would probably go with the Pentax Optio Waterproof Digital Camera. This camera is probably the best for taking photographs of UFOs and other unexplained things that you see at night. The reason is that it is rugged and designed to take more of a rough lifestyle. I’m not saying you can beat it up, but it is waterproof, shock proof (drop protected) and even works in sub-freezing temperatures. It is an overall good camera. I know Pentax isn’t the most common name for digital cameras, but they actually do a good job.

Look guys, I just want you to get out there and try to get some photos. The stories are great and I like sharing them. I haven’t updated in a while, so I know I have a lot to go through and put up on the site. But pictures are great too and often they’re more convincing to the skeptics that troll this site. Oh you might want to take a look at the Pentax Optio Waterproof Digital Camera Review because it goes into all details about the camera and all the important features about what makes it good.


Real UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta

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Well, I guess we have another even to the list of recent UFO sightings. This one is coming from Calgary, Alberta Canada. You’ll notice that I reported on another sighting that happened in Banff, which is a town just outside of Calgary. I found this one to be particularly odd since it happened inside the actual city, so a lot of people must of seen this. At least I hope they did. I only got one official report on this, so we’ll have to see if anyone has heard anything as well.

Here is the encounter coming from this person that contact me. It is in their own words. I may have did a little editing to help fix up the grammar and stuff like that, but what you’re going to be reading is going to be another piece of evidence in the ever mounting vast UFO Conspiracy movement.

It was around 5pm when I go off from work. I had to stop somewhere and get something to eat because I immediately had to go to a hockey rink to referee a game. This is something that I do on the side for a little extra cash and had no idea that this would be my first encounter with something I’ve thought was just stories told by crazy people to sound important. Boy was I wrong about that.

By the time I got out of the rink to drive home it was about 9pm and dark outside. I had to do my reffing on one side of the city, so I had to drive across the entire area and that would eat up a lot of time. I noticed that there was a bright object in the sky beaming light at the car and following as I drove the car. I just assumed that it was the moon. I’m not much of a person to gaze up at the stars to see what things look like. Besides, it is a city and you can barely see the stars.

As I continued to drive on it just seemed like the moon outside my left window was getting brighter and brighter. It just got to the point where I had to take a peak up in the air and noticed that this wasn’t the moon. I couldn’t make out what it looked like for sure, but it was definitely round like the moon and it was made out of some sort of metallic material. The other thing I noticed is that this metallic thing had groves on the flat surface, so I could tell that it was slowly rotating in a counter clockwise motion.

This isn’t something that I picked up right away. I first looked up to it and thought to myself that this was odd, and just went back to my driving. It took a few minutes to process what I was actually seeing. When I figured this all out it was still outside my left window and I could see it. I decided that it was best for me to park on the side of the road and get a much better look at this.

I continued to investigate it and it all pointed to the same conclusion; this was a UFO. I don’t know if I was shocked and excited, or shocked and scared. It was hard to put my finger on the emotion I was feeling, but it was definitely charged with adrenalin. I suddenly remember back to an episode of Unsolved Mysteries that I saw when I was a kid. These people were out camping when they saw a rather bright star in the sky that was flashing on and off. They got their flashlight out and starting flashing it at the thing in the sky. The thing flew down toward them. I had to try this out because I didn’t think I could live with myself. I didn’t want to be one of those people that thinks they seen a real UFO, yet never really having real proof.

I turned down the next road, which had the front of the car pointing in the direction of this thing in the sky. I flashed the lights at the car. First, I just did it randomly. Next, It tried to do Morse Code, so I did SOS and even said Hi. Nothing happened. I was actually a little bit disappointed. I was thinking that this would be the next revent UFO sighting, but now I was convinced that I was letting my imagination get carried away.

At this point, I just retreated back to my home, all the wihle the object was still up in the sky. Finally, when I got home and was heading into the house, I took a peak up in the sky and didn’t see anything. It was gone. I even took a walk around the house to make sure it wasn’t obstructing the view. Nothing. It appeared to be gone for good, so my opportunity to consult someone about it was gone and I thought that this experience was just disappear like the rest.

At this point it was the furthest thing on my mind. I was more interested at this point to finish up a little work and than head to bed. The last thing on my mind was some UFO encounter or anything like that.

It was around 2am when I woke up to not a loud sound, but to light. I see light shining in my windows for some reason. I wasn’t really sure why since it was so late, but I assumed that it was just some car across the street or something and it would probably disappear in a few minutes. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t seem to do it. I think about 30 minutes went by and the light was still shining in the window and at this point I was getting pissed off. I got up to look out of it and noticed it was a car. This was shining very brightly from the sky. I couldn’t see exactly what it was, but never had the time to.

*crash*. That is what I hear downstairs in my house. My adrenalin skyrockets and I know someone is in the house. I grabbed my shotgun out of it’s cabinet and head down stairs. I find what crashed and it was a picture frame that fell off a table. I inspected the entire house and couldn’t find anyone in it. I also couldn’t find anything that showed a forced entrance since I lock up my house pretty good at night. The odd thing I did notice is that there was a puddle of very sticky liquid on the floor around the picture.

I went back upstairs and it is about 3am now and the light is still showing. I stick my head right out the window and look up. The light disappears and I see nothing, but a black sky. That’s all I have for my UFO sighting.

Here is what I did the next day. I called some of the local stations around the city to see if they would broadcast my story on something that was at the least a really weird encounter, but something that was probably due to a real UFO. None of them wanted to hear it. They told me that anything could of made that picture fall at night and this light in the sky was probably the moon or something like that.

The most frustrating thing about this whole thing is that people treat this as some sort of UFO conspiracy theory and it isn’t worth their time. I told a few friends about it too and they just laughed at me. I learned to keep it to myself and share it with believers on the internet. I hope people can piece this together with similar experiences.

As you can see this is a very weird encounter. This seems like it has something to do with a UFO or the possibilities of aliens. Maybe when he signaled this object in the sky it actually did listen. It followed him home and than decided to inspect his home. I don’t know. There are too many variables in this recent UFO sighting, but this is an amazing story.

Latest UFO Sighting in the North East

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I have a new UFO report that I just got emailed to me and I had to definitely pass it onto you. This is actually a very long and detailed one, so I’m going to try my best to put in my own words. It was a little difficult to read the encounter from the gentleman that emailed me. This is the first request where someone didn’t want to mention exactly where they seen the flying UFO, but he did say that it was in the North East of the United States. Also, this viewer wanted to remain anonymous, which is totally understandable with the quality of this sighting.

I’m just going to refer to this person as John (as in John Doe).

John was out on an evening date with his wife. They had dinner at a nice restaurant, but decided instead of going home that they should just go for a drive. It didn’t really matter where they were going, so they ended up leaving the city and heading out into the more rural areas. They eventually decided that they were going to look for a lake or river that they could sit out in front of just to be alone.

It was around midnight and they were getting ready to go home when they noticed what they thought was a bright star in the sky. The only difference was that this one was a lot brighter than the rest of the stars in the sky. While staring at this thing in the sky they started to hear a faint rumbling sound. John thought it was just a plan flying over them, but he noticed that this bright light in the sky was actually moving. The movement wasn’t very fast, but enough for a person to see.

At this point the idea of a UFO conspiracy popped into his head, but he shrugged off the idea thinking that it was just a slow moving plan or something along those lines. Struck with curiosity both of them continued to watch this bright light slowly move down toward the horizon or at least that is what they thought. Once it got lower it was apparent that it wasn’t traveling toward the horizon, but moving down in a vertical direction.

John was a little more shocked by this because helicopters and military airplanes are really the only things that are capable of making vertical movements in the sky. It looked like this bright object was coming down toward the ground only a few miles away, so John and his wife got back into their car and decided that they were going to figure out what this was.

They approached the glowing light that was getting closer and closer to Earth very slowly. It was pretty dark outside and the back roads were very winding. Eventually they approached a straight stretch of the road and noticed the bright light in a field. It definitely wasn’t a tractor or anything like that because of how bright the actual lights were. John at this point was thinking that maybe these were UFO lights that he was seeing, so he pulled over to the side of the road about half a mile away from bright light in the field.

At this point the lights on the car were shut off to not draw any attention. The very second that the headlights on the car went off, so did the light in the field. It went completely pitch black and they couldn’t see a thing in the field. John turned back on the lights at this point to see if they could get a better look. As he turned on the lights, the lights in the field turned back on. Understandably they were both shocked to see this happened. The idea that he was in the presence of the latest UFO sighting melted away. John was thinking that some teenagers were trying to screw with him now.

Again he turned off the car lights and the light in the field turned off too. John grabbed a flashlight in the back seat and got out of the car. He turned on the flashlight, but the field remained dark. He went into the field looking for whatever was out in the field about half a mile away. He spent a good hour looking around the field for anything that was out there and he didn’t see anything. There was just an empty feeling. There wasn’t even large tracks on the ground or anything.

Disappointed John returned back to the car and thought that this was all a bit odd. He thought that maybe whoever was doing this had left when they had the lights off and that was it. At this point it was approaching about 1:30am and they were both very tired. As he turned on the car and headlights, the light from the field came back on too. At this point John was starting to get frustrated with what was going on. He had to know whether this was some hoax people were playing on him or if this was some sort of UFO conspiracy.

This time John got out of the car and headed into the field while leaving the car lights on. The light in the field continued to glow. As he was approaching it, it just seemed like the light was getting brighter and brighter. It glowed out in a spherical fashion, so he couldn’t see what was emitting the source of the light. He got to about a hundred yards away from whatever this thing was and the lights changed. Instead of radiating light out in all directions, the lighting focused on him. It was almost like being on a dark stage with the spotlight on your body.

John was a little freaked up by this rapid change in lighting and he slowly started to walk back. He got a few steps backwards than he turned and started running toward his car. His wife was on the side of the road watching the whole time. The light actually followed him as he was running. The light didn’t return back to normal until he got back to the road. Both of them at this point were not interested in finding out what this was. They were both understandably freaked out and in their eyes this was some sort of UFO sighting.

They both hopped in the car, did an immediate U-turn and started driving away. John was constantly looking in the rear view mirror at the light in the field to make sure that it stayed there. As they reached the end of the straight stretch of the road, the light in the field went black. Both of them were pretty happy just to be going the other direction and thought they left whatever that was, in the field. They were wrong.

Just a few minutes later as they were driving around the road they started to hear the rumbling sound in the sky that they heard when they first saw the light in the sky. Eventually the rumbling dissipated and they were left with the thumping sounds in their chest. Within a few more minutes the rumbling sound returned again, except this time it was louder than before. John just drove faster at this point and the rumbling eventually disappeared. John’s wife looked over at him and said, ‘what the hell was that?’ Just as John was about to say ‘I do not know…’ the rumbling sound returned except this time it was excessively loud. He had to slow down the car just due to how loud it was. It sounded like a plane was flying directly over the car.

Instantly light was shot over the car. This was very bright light that permeated all through out the car. The light was shining down from the sky, not from behind them. John just pulled the car over to the side of the road because he was scared stiff. Things were running through his head of alien UFO conspiracies and probings. He was freaked out. The light still shined brightly on the car from above, but the light started to come down until it was shining from directly behind the car.

Both John and his wife just sat silent in the car for the next minute or two. At this point they were just in shock and were waiting to see what happened. Than all of a sudden the windows got foggy. All the windows just started to fog up really bad. This occurred in early September, so this was considerably an odd thing to happen around this time of the year.

Shadows started to shudder through the vehicle as things moved in front of the light outside. Things were very quite, even though everything was bright. Occasionally they would hear the sound of a pebble scrap across the road, but nothing else. Every now and then there would be something that would move past the light.

Finally, the light shut off the windows immediately stated to clear up. John looked around outside and didn’t see anything. He even got outside to check, but there was nothing there. Everything on the outside of his car seemed fine, so he didn’t know what happened.

This is a UFO report of a recent UFO sighting and it was narrated by me. The reason that I narrated it is that I got a very poorly written message about this encounter. I thought it would be best for me to put it in my words since I’d be in a better situation to explain it to all my readers. Please understand that I got a huge email, which is much longer than this, but I think I hit all the main points.

This is actually quite scary. I’ve never heard of anything quite this scary. Even though John or his wife weren’t able to get a view of what exactly this thing was, I think it is safe to say that this is some sort of UFO for sure. Whether they had the miracle of alien life forms literally a few feet outside their car doors or not, it shows a pretty amazing report.

Recent UFO Sighting in Mexico

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Just heard of a new recent UFO sighting in Mexico that was posted as a comment here. I just wanted to share the experience that Jim had with what appears to be another UFO encounter.

my fiance and myself were in Ixtapa mexico on vacation the week of feb 16- 23 on feb 20 at around 12:30 am we decided to go out and sit on the beach. while we were siting there looking at the stars I saw a what i thought was a airplane with a bright blinking light, but it wasn’t moving as i looked further to the left there was a smaller object that was moving at a high rate of speed towards the blinking light and then stopped. and then rose slowly. at this time I think we were in a state of shock at what we were seeing. then suddenly there were seven more objects in a half moon shape moving towards the other two. thew stopped and hovered below the largest object with the blinking light. then two started moving erratically up and down. then in a instant they all took of horizonally a rate of speed and then up out of sight.

Thanks for the comment Jim. I have shared this recent UFO sighting with the world. If anyone has any story or information on UFO Encounters, please leave comment on this site and I’ll put it up.

Recent UFO Sightings in Texas

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails about recent UFO sightings outside Austin, Texas this weekend. They all sounded like usual stories I’ve heard, but one of them that I’m going to share was really quite exciting. This email comes from Carl.

I live outside of Austin at my ranch. I just had a long and trying day of work. It was just around dusk and I was outside finishing off a little light ground work while smoking a cigar.

I ended up looking out into the field full of cows to see them running around scared. At this point I was thinking that there might of been an animal or some poachers trying to steal the cows. I ran inside, grabbed my rifle and ran out into the field to see what it was.

The further out I got, I noticed there was something large in the field. At the time I thought it was some sort of poacher contraption for gathering up cows to steal. I pointed my gun and let a round off. All of a sudden blinding light appeared from the object. It was blazing the light out in all directions. I ended up stumbling back and falling down.

At this point, this object in my field started to slowly rise up above the ground. About a few yards. Finally it just shot up vertically very fast and out of site. At this point I laid on the ground for a few more minutes to process what I saw. I got up, and started walking back to my house. I kept rationalizing that I must of worked too hard today and just had a delusional spell. There was no possible way I saw a UFO.

The next morning, I went back out to the same spot in the field to find a see a crop circle on the ground. It was perfect shape and all the grass was flattened perfectly. I’ve been pretty freaked out about this and I’m not sure what to think. Being a Texan, I’m not supposed to believe in this stuff, but I really don’t know. I have yet tell anyone, since I know they’ll think I’m crazy.

Thanks for the email Carl. That was one of the most recent UFO sightings that I found very exciting. You maybe the first human being to ever see a UFO create a crop circle.

Recent UFO Sightings Outside Mexico City

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I just got word of recent UFO sightings in Mexico. They were all pretty standard, but I’d like to share one here that was a little more unique from the other UFO encounters I read. This email is from Pedro from Mexico City.

Note: The email was slightly edited to correct grammar/spelling/diction since English is a second language.

It was a bright night with all the stars out in the sky. I was taking my girlfriend on a romantic date outside the city. She’s really into space stuff, so I decided to borrow a telescope from a friend, so we could star gaze.

At the time she was looking in the telescope to find something of interest for me to see, since this stuff bores me. I noticed what I thought was a shooting star. I yelled at her, and told her to look. She peaked up and saw it and immediately tried to view it through the telescope. She ended up seeing it and it stopped. I was still looking up at the sky, and it just looked like it burned up.

She called me over to take a look through the scope and I saw it. Just floating in the sky not moving. It sort of looked like a coin. It had grooves on the outside of it, just like a coin. I moved my eyes from the telescope back to the sky, and then I saw the object shoot back across the sky in the direction it just came. This time we couldn’t find it again.

Thanks Pedro, great detailed encounter. I think the interesting part of the the recent UFO sightings is this grovers on the outside like on a coin. Maybe it has to do with how these UFO’s Fly?

Some Recent UFO Sightings in the UK

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Hey everyone, I just got some emails from the UK about some recent UFO sightings and I wanted to share a little of it for it. The following message is from Bill in Hull.

On the night of the 15th I was outside the city of Hull driving back from my parents place with my children. At one point my son had to use the bathroom, so we’d had to stop on the side of the road so he could go. At this point I saw two glowing balls of light. One was of a yellow haze and the other was of a red haze. I was just looking up at them, and it looked so weird. I thought maybe they were planets, but I’ve never seen them that big before, as well with a haze like light coming off of them.

At first these two balls of lights were not moving. I looked away to check on my son, and when I looked up again, the two lights were spinning around each other in a perfect circle. At first they were going pretty slow, but after about 30 seconds they started spinning around faster and faster. At the climax of the spinning, it was difficult to differentiate between the two balls of light, they just looked like one spinning light circle. Just a few seconds after that happened, the lights shot across the sky and disappeared. I definitely thought this was my first UFO encounter.

Thanks Bill for your encounter. That was one of the most recent UFO sightings that I’ve heard such a detailed working of the lights. I’m absolutely amazed and I’m sure the way those lights were spinning had something to do with how they UFO is powered.